Boglárka Mázsi L33 Lamp
L33 Lamp is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
L33 Lamp

While designing the L33 ambient lamp Boglárka Mázsi’s base Idea was to experiment with human sensation of the built environment and the modified light of it. The quest was the situation that Architecture surrounds people, and they are only able to observe it from some given perspectives. The same as the natural or artificial light coming through the architectural brakes and structures. The experiment started with the structural elements and scales, while the form and core material was inspired by and based on Japanese architecture in the sixties, an ambient light was born.

L33 Lamp
Boglárka Mázsi L33
Boglárka Mázsi Lamp
Boglárka Mázsi design
Boglárka Mázsi design
Boglárka Mázsi

Boglárka Mázsi graduated as a ceramic designer at the Budapest Metropolitan University. Her main focus is the relationship and responsibility between the person, material and physical creation. In the year of 2013 she gained the Erasmus scholarship to the institute of ESDIR La Rioja Spain. From 2014 she is studying at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest on the faculty of product design. In 2015 she earned the Darmasiswa Cultural Scholarship ensured by the Indonesian government.

Boglárka Mázsi

This design was done as a final project for the Budapest Metropolitan University – Art Department on the faculty of Ceramics Design. The goal of the project was to broaden the possible material usage and stretch out the frames of the faculty. Designing a functional object which is based on plastic and basic silicate materials but not the classical ceramic ones, got to be the final solution.