Maximiliano Rodolfo Sproviero Erotica Script font
Erotica Script font is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Erotica Script font

Erotica follows the essential rules of the Roundhand or Engrossers Script form of calligraphy and take them to the extreme. In this particular style, letters show a lot of personality and sometimes they seem drawn rather than written. The transition from its shades to its thins had to be really smooth to achieve its sensuality. Many alternates, ligatures and variations for each glyph were designed in order to satisfy the needs of the user.

Erotica Script font
Maximiliano Rodolfo Sproviero Erotica
Maximiliano Rodolfo Sproviero Script font
Maximiliano Rodolfo Sproviero design
Maximiliano Rodolfo Sproviero design
Maximiliano Rodolfo Sproviero

I am lover of caligraphy and lettering. I can spend hours and hours practicing different styles, testing tools, finding new forms. In order to keep growing I like travelling to make workshops, to know different cultures. I'm also a teacher of calligraphy, specialized in gestural writing with the pointed brush, which is to me synonym of freedom. I believe there's still a lot to do in the world of typography-calligraphy and I feel it's my duty to help with this offering my best.


Sproviero-Type specializes in the creation of fonts with a strong base in calligraphic styles. Typographies by the designer, Maximiliano Sproviero, have been awarded through the years all around the world and its works have been published in many magazines and books.