Seranit Group Aquanit Porcelain Shower Tile
Aquanit Porcelain Shower Tile is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Aquanit Porcelain Shower Tile

Aquanit is a porcelain shower tile that is designed in the sizes of 90 x 90cm and 90 x 135cm. Thanks to this product, an aesthetic and seamless appearance is obtained with an installation at the same level as the floor. Its difference from the bathroom tubs is the fact that it is hygienic and stronger as it is a technical porcelain

Aquanit  Porcelain  Shower Tile
Seranit Group Aquanit
Seranit Group Porcelain  Shower Tile
Seranit Group design
Seranit Group design
Seranit Group

Seranit Group Seranit Group entered the building sector as the first technical porcelain producer of Turkey in 1992, and today the company provides more than 20 percent of the total production of Turkey in this field with its 18 million 500 thousand sqm production capacity in factories located in Eski┼čehir and Bilecik. Seranit Group exports 40 percent of its total production in this field as one of the top three players in the global porcelain floor and wall tiles sector. Seranit Group assertively entered the ceramic sector with Serra Seramik brand in 2012, and is already one of the leading players in the sector with its approach to design, quality and technology, and world class production mentality. While Serra Seramik offers better aesthetics and solutions to sector professionals with its unique and large dimentions, it also creates a difference in the sector with its techniques, qualities, designs, colors and textures. Serra Seramik's wide product range that appeal to all enables the ceramic sector to be shaped with a brand new mentality. Serra Seramik carries ceramic outside the boundaries of its traditional areas of use and transforms each space into a piece of art.