Jiazhen (Ken) CHEN Afa Advance Firefighting Apparatus
Afa Advance Firefighting Apparatus is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Afa Advance Firefighting Apparatus

Thousands of people could be held in a skyscraper above the reach of fire department aerial devices, once the fire is above the operational reach of aerial ladder or elevating platforms the probability of rescuing victims is almost 0. The A.F.A exoskeleton suit aim to increases firefighters’ performance in walking ,running and carrying while high-rise fire frightening. A.F.A can carry loads up to 91kg. The exo-suit is strapped over the firefighters’ clothing.The device transfers its weight, load directly to the ground, so firefighters don’t bear the weight.

Afa Advance Firefighting Apparatus
Jiazhen (Ken) CHEN Afa
Jiazhen (Ken) CHEN Advance Firefighting Apparatus
Jiazhen (Ken) CHEN design
Jiazhen (Ken) CHEN design
Jiazhen (Ken) CHEN

Ken CHEN is a person full of passion and imagination. Born in Shanghai. 7 years studies and living in Melbourne. The different culture fusion change and open his view. He has exceptional ability to explore innovative ideas. He'd love to learning and accepting new things. Ken believes form follow emotions. There are thousands ways to express the design. However those fascinating performance should come from a core design philosophy. Ken thinks the good design can change human behavior and hit the archetype in people’s mind.