Gabbin Isabella Charmas Sunglasses
Charmas Sunglasses is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Charmas Sunglasses

Charmas is a project that consists in a pair of sunglasses, in 18Kt white gold and diamonds 4,2 ct, made unique by the particular texture that recalls the antique granulation art in a modern context. This art had its maximum level with the Etruscan in Italy in the 7th ad 6th century b.c., and it is the symbol of Made in Italy. The structure can be adapted to glasses and sunglasses, reproducing different shapes with different dimensions, all with a unique texture and it is also possible to play with the gems colours and their quantity, taking advantage of the particular sphere’s surface.

Charmas Sunglasses
Gabbin Isabella Charmas
Gabbin Isabella Sunglasses
Gabbin Isabella design
Gabbin Isabella design
Gabbin Isabella

She is a goldsmith searching for years for new experiences and get over herself also with competition. She needs to transmit her art to others making it wearable. Her greatest success it to have been able to start her company since long and see that her art is appreciated, with the target to be known by many people and proof herself constantly. What makes her important is her strength and her positivity.


GIOR is the name of Isabella Gabbin's jewelry that opened in 1997, but she is in the field since 1994, after 5 years of goldsmith school and several masters about. In the beginning it was a goldsmith laboratory and from 2012 it became a jewelry specialized in its own creations and in sale of branded jewels in gold and silver. GIOR is located in the historical Belluno center and it is situated in a 1470’s building. There are two people working at GIOR, Isabella Gabbin, who is the creator of all the jewels, and Valentina who is a collaborator in sales. They both have gems specialization and Isabella has also embending, goldsmith, design, ancient jewels history and gems cutting specialization. The GIOR's clients are mostly private customers, but the collaboration with companies, such as Italo Fontana, give prestige to the Isabella's jewelry. Isabella Gabbin won many awards and she likes to be always in competition, also to improve her job. GIOR has also few international patents about jewels, some of these presented to companies such as Bulgari, Recarlo and Morellato. Isabella Gabbin is committed in the jewel’s history, that she promotes with some conferences, and she includes the ancient art in her jewels, celebrating the made in Italy at 360 degrees.