Michelle Sung Taiwanese Aboriginal Masks Skin Care
Taiwanese Aboriginal Masks Skin Care is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
Taiwanese Aboriginal Masks Skin Care

MasKingdom's facial masks can bring you to explore Taiwan whilst perfecting your skin! Our product collects the beauty and legacy of Taiwan’s aborigines. Gained the patents, the formulas of serum include Taiwan’s local plants such as bitter melon, pigeon peas, and Formosa lily. The package is inspired by the aboriginal legends, and printed with non-toxic soy-based inks. The shape of foil bags is designed as ” orbicular sky and rectangular earth”, representing a balance of Yin and Yang. The gift box features endangered Black-faced Spoonbills, and made of stone paper to show the love of earth.

Taiwanese Aboriginal Masks Skin Care
Michelle Sung Taiwanese Aboriginal Masks
Michelle Sung Skin Care
Michelle Sung design
Michelle Sung design

With the belief of a love, Michelle Sung founds MASKINGDOM, the leading facial mask brand of "green, non-toxic, and effective". The products are formulated with natural plant extract, and all of our products are alcohol free, Paraben free, mineral oil free, artificial dyes and fragrance free. The products passed the SGS Human Patch test, and avoid 26 kinds of allergens spices regulated by EU norms and 102 kinds of ingredients that harmful to human health announced by "Ministry of Health, Japan". MASKINGDOM also use eco-friendly packaging such as biodegradable stone paper, and vegetable nontoxic soy inks, to show the love of nature and earth.