Super Fat Designs Escentials, Paragon Interior Design
Escentials, Paragon Interior Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Escentials, Paragon Interior Design

Super Fat Designs was engaged to design the new Escentials Flagship Store in Singapore. Located in the main shopping district of Orchard Road, the shop sought to further engage a new set of customers for the leading retailer of cult and designer perfumes in Singapore. Super Fat reinterpreted the experience of shopping in a "scent garden", personalizing and making more intimate the shopping experience of scents. Merchandising displays and corners were re-imagined, taking forms inspired by landscapes. Nooks and Grottoes further enhanced the privacy of scent shopping.

Escentials, Paragon  Interior Design
Super Fat Designs Escentials, Paragon
Super Fat Designs Interior Design
Super Fat Designs design
Super Fat Designs design
Super Fat Designs

Described by some as obsessive, Weizhang realized early on in his career as an architect that "god is in the details". This push drove him to develop an obsession with materiality. From designing large spaces for the Singapore National Gallery to bespoke private homes, a deep obsession with the creation of unique forms with resolved details has pushed Super Fat Designs, the firm he founded to develop a design language that resonates with Singaporean society.

Super Fat Designs

SUPERFAT Designs is a multi-disciplinary interior design and decoration consultancy firm, that has a keen interest in visual arts, photography,sustainability and contextualism. Our philosophy is simple. Inform, transform, create form. We pride ourselves in synthesizing our clients’ needs with contextualization and sympathy to the built environment. We aim to produce a design uniquely tailored to suit the lifestyles of each of our clients.