Lommer Pc EvaTwo Tote Bag
EvaTwo Tote Bag is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
EvaTwo Tote Bag

Evatwo is a tote bag system. The body of the bag is made of a material, developed only for this project, which consists of E.V.A. foam and rubber. Τhe adaptable straps are high quality seatbelts. It's a self-assembly bag that requires no stitching. The user receives it rolled and transforms it to bag by fastening the buttons and appling the straps of her preference. Straps come in two different lengths, short or long, and ten different colors, so every user can create her own combination and become part of the design process through a new experience.

EvaTwo Tote Bag
Lommer Pc EvaTwo
Lommer Pc Tote Bag
Lommer Pc design
Lommer Pc design

Lommer is our design philosophy on how products of daily mobility can combine aesthetics, functionality, use and customer engagement. Lommer loves to play with materials and explores new applications of these. Every handmade modular bag system is determined by the needs of its users. Every user creates a new “molecular” experience by being part of the design process. Lommer, where design meets engagement via a unique experience.