Mariana Mesquita 4srm Coffee cup
4srm Coffee cup is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Design Quality and Innovation Award Category.
4srm Coffee cup

The quantity of coffee used, the type of grinding, water temperature and pressure, all decisively influence the final quality of an excellent espresso. Experts consider that a perfect espresso should not exceed 30ml. Therefore CUP & SAUCER has patented a new exclusive and innovative cup. Three guidelines are visible where the 1st from the bottom indicates the measure of a perfect espresso. This precious innovation is an useful tool for the coffee brands that wish to provide the best experience!

4srm Coffee cup
Mariana Mesquita 4srm
Mariana Mesquita Coffee cup
Mariana Mesquita

CUP & SAUCER is a company that was born aware of the importance of image, design and communication. Since its genesis combining these three fundamental principles in a dynamic and responsible manner, the company has been surprising the coffee and tea market over the years. Each product is created by adjusting the design, which is intended to be distinctive, to its customers’ needs regarding the functionality and type of use required. Therefore, every creative process begins with the auscultation of the client's reality and its challenges. We believe that this has been the leadership recipe of CUP & SAUCER and a critical point of success to their market differentiation.

Cup & Saucer

Following a period, since 1988, gathering experience and technical know-how, CUP & SAUCER comes to the market with a clear differentiation in its capacity to produce high quality porcelain products. Currently known by its strong specialization and large portfolio, CUP & SAUCER offers a wide range of products, adjusted to the type of designs that roasters are looking for their coffee brands. CUP & SAUCER belongs to a Group with the same name (CUP & SAUCER Group), with three porcelain manufacturing units and one decal company. To this Group, since 2010, belongs also SPAL PORCELANAS ( which, for more than 48 years, has been manufacturing and distributing fine porcelain dinnerware for both domestic and professional use. CUP & SAUCER GROUP is today an indubitable reference on the porcelain production in Portugal.