Adam Miklosi Lr16 Disaster coffin
Lr16 Disaster coffin is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Social Design Award Category.
Lr16 Disaster coffin

LR16 is giving an alternative for the current issues of operating with corpses after a disaster situation. It is designed to solve all the upcoming practical problems like material usage, lack of ergonomy, safety, but also to consider the emotional factors of the rescue workers, and the survivors. The special coffin serves to minimize contact with infected or dismembered corpses, simplifies stacking and storage. LR16 is a fully bio-degradable, durable construction, aligns to different cultural and religious differences and gives the last respect to the deceased ones.

Lr16 Disaster coffin
Adam Miklosi Lr16
Adam Miklosi Disaster coffin
Adam Miklosi design
Adam Miklosi design
Adam Miklosi

Adam started design studies in Sopron, and finished his Master in Gothenburg at HDK. He was awarded the Fellowship of the Hungarian Republic in 2011, and participated finalist, and winner on many prestigious design competition (Electrolux Design Lab, A’design Award, IFC). He lived in Switzerland between 2012-2017, and working as a Design Lead at Nutresia SA, developing kitchen appliance, packaging and gastronomical experience (ChefCuisine). From 2017 freelancing in Budapest, providing complete design services, but also working on conceptual works and future-design studies.


Adam Miklosi was born in a small Hungarian town in 1988. Since his childhood, he has been interested in new technical and technological innovations, in arts, and in the relation between these two subjects. In the course of years at the University, the merging of technological innovations and design became his philosophy. He considers himself a lay researcher in technical arts, which is often manifested in new concepts and visions. In his research projects he aims to focus on the future and also to break down the barriers of the past. He is working in the gastro-design industry nowadays in Switzerland and Hungary.