Yi-Hsun Hsu Ium Sensory tableware set
Ium Sensory tableware set is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
Ium Sensory tableware set

IUM (yum) is a set of sensory tableware for kids ages 2-5 that keeps them focus on eating. During mealtime, kids tend to be easily distracted, and thus the food is seldom fully eaten; they do not get enough daily nutrients and often produce wasted food. How might kids maintaining their concentration in eating? By integrating both color and sound into tableware, IUM not only encourages participation, but also creates an enjoyable and interactive eating experience for children. It helps kids to eat in a delightful way and eases the tension between their parents and them at the dining table.

Ium Sensory tableware set
Yi-Hsun Hsu Ium
Yi-Hsun Hsu Sensory tableware set
Yi-Hsun Hsu design
Yi-Hsun Hsu design
Yi-Hsun Hsu

Yi-Hsun Hsu recently earned her BFA in Industrial Design from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. During her time there she developed an effective design thinking process focusing on user-friendly ways and observing people in their daily life. She strives to make products that are emotionally expressive as well as functional, building a connection between people and the things they use. She believes that design is having love and empathy to the surroundings and provides effective and fresh solutions with happiness.

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