dsignedby Kitch T Compact Kitchen
Kitch T Compact Kitchen is Platinum Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Kitch T Compact Kitchen

All in one, easy to move from one living space to the other or combine and change towards ones needs. No need for upper elements, everything is fitted beneath the worktop. This time it all starts with a Table T® and it smoothly continues into a multifunctional Kitch'… The kitchen is made to fit into the width of dsignedbys Table T® size L of 92cm, and the length as well as the width of one Corian® DuPont™ board of 365.8cm. All the hardware used are Hafele, the appliances Bosch, while Waterworks bar faucet Atlas R.W. crowns the Corian® sink.

Kitch T Compact Kitchen
dsignedby Kitch T
dsignedby Compact Kitchen
dsignedby design
dsignedby design

dsignedby is a Serbian design studio founded by Irena Kilibarda (architect) and Iva Kilibarda (graphic designer) working internationally. We rely on an ancient philosophy of natural elements "Fire, Water, Air & Earth" combined with rays of light to create, with simplicity and eager, contemporary - transparent - light, but solid ideas. We tend to use sustainable materials and technologies in our designs. The sister's love of design began at an early age: "When we were young we used to play with Majorette toy cars. We would push everything in our room to be able to construct a town (you can imagine mom’s face seeing our room in that hectic state!). Every inch of the floor of our room was covered by cleverly built streets. I always loved building – having something in mind and being able to make it happen."


dsignedby is a young company founded in 2008 by two sisters practicing interior design and visual communication across the globe. Why compact kitchen design? We are interior designers and we work on kitchen design and construction for a lot of our projects. We routinely use Corian® DuPont™ for the worktops. Since it was whilst designing a kitchen for an interior project that we came up with the idea for the original Table T®, also made out of Corian® DuPont™, we wanted to introduce our clients to a design especially made for the kitchen and a concept suited for modern young people