Yale Shaw Epi Epinephrine Auto-injector
Epi Epinephrine Auto-injector is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
Epi Epinephrine Auto-injector

Epi is an auto-injection epinephrine device that users can carry with confidence, erasing social stigma. It's more accessible and elegant than previous life-saving medical devices. When the user senses an allergic reaction, Epi can be quickly accessed to inject epinephrine into their muscle tissue. Upon injection, Epi triggers its smartphone application to notify 911 emergency services of the user's exact location, allergy susceptibility, and personal information. This helps to expedite and reduce onsite emergency response time, thus saving lives.

Epi Epinephrine Auto-injector
Yale Shaw Epi
Yale Shaw Epinephrine Auto-injector
Yale Shaw design
Yale Shaw design
Yale Shaw

Hello, I'm Yale Shaw. Industrial design is my vehicle to create positive influences on people’s lives. I consider consumer incentive and behavior before starting a design project. By understanding the motives and needs of the end user, the design process comes naturally. My goal is to enhance the well-being of others through creation of innovative products.