Penint Design Team Leaves Bedroom
Leaves Bedroom is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Leaves Bedroom

The pureness, comfort, harmony of form and color of the bedroom makes the bedroom special. The variety of materials such as copper, ceramic, concrete, linen, textiles, wood and coloured glasses makes the design more unique and attractive. The tiles used at the back of headboard is an unusual usage at bedroom. The panel used at th back of the Tv unit makes the room look more lovely.

Leaves Bedroom
Penint Design Team Leaves
Penint Design Team Bedroom
Penint Design Team design
Penint Design Team design
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Penint Design Studio creates concept interior projects for commercial and individual spaces. Also, Penint Design Studio designs furniture and products. Penint Design comprises of two designers Çağdaş Yalman and Beril Karadayı. The expertise of Penint design Studio is interior design and visualisation. Because The Penint Design cares about presentaion, produces high quality renderings.