Ding-Rui-Tai Yun-Hsiang-Tsao Melody Charm Residential House
Melody Charm Residential House is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Melody Charm Residential House

Upon entering the house, a mellow and warm melody of chords sounds immediately, following the rhythm of the melody arches, lightening up with the pace. Whether it is orderly geometric or flowing organic lines, all in this space are like the rhythm and flow of music, and like light and shadows, they bring the energy of life to the space, and with the sometimes gentle stretch of the Adagio, sometimes smooth melodious Allegro, they give different flavors to the space. The addition of the rhythm’s artistic performance in the space allows a broader and more profound display of the space.

Melody Charm Residential House
Ding-Rui-Tai  Yun-Hsiang-Tsao Melody Charm
Ding-Rui-Tai  Yun-Hsiang-Tsao Residential House
Ding-Rui-Tai  Yun-Hsiang-Tsao design
Ding-Rui-Tai  Yun-Hsiang-Tsao design
Ding-Rui-Tai Yun-Hsiang-Tsao

C.F.Tai Design Studio was organized in 1997. Renamed as “DINGRUI Design Studio” in 2012. We have our own language formed by the design to promote actions, study in space and life aesthetics, and being persistent in carrying out the design solutions. Our main business is primarily on interior design and display design of residence and the associated club house. We believe that the spirit of spatial planning is to epitomize the attitude towards life, instead of using up every corner of the space. Moderate reservation of the open space is to remain the flexible use of space on one hand, and to have the behavior patterns changed and further adjust mood and attitude on the other hand. We emphasize the principle of material utilization and focus on the coordination of the laws of nature, rather than arbitrary overlapping.

DINGRUI Design Studio

DINGRUI Design Studio In 1997, C.F.Tai Design Studio was founded. In 2008, it was renamed as DINGRUI Design Studio. Compose life experiences of every dawn, twilight, gathering, joy, anger, sadness, and happiness with a simple, natural, peaceful, and carefree mind. Hope to express the true, pure, clean, and calm side of the original design intention in each commissioned case. Leave smell, human touch, life, and traces of life in the perceptual space, becoming invaluable memories.