Christos Tsigaras Multi Locust Multifunctional stool
Multi Locust Multifunctional stool is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Multi Locust Multifunctional stool

Stool Low seating without leaning for back and arms. Object to be found in every house and could be used in multiple ways such as seating step sidetable etc. The potential of wide variety of uses was inspiring to redesign it so that its functionality can be broadened. Following that path multi locust was created as a modular object with multiple uses starting as a stool and transforming into a supporting table, bed side table with the addition of a drawer, or by placing one on top of the other becoming a bookcase or drawer chest. A sophisticated stool in which ergonomics allow several compositions and new uses depending on the user’s mood and needs.

Multi Locust Multifunctional stool
Christos Tsigaras Multi Locust
Christos Tsigaras Multifunctional stool
Christos Tsigaras design
Christos Tsigaras design
Tsigaras Design

Chris Tsigaras created his own studio in 2012 having as an object the architectural design study, Supervision, as well as the project management in private homes and Business Premises. He owns Bachelor of Arts in Industrial design he is actively involved in the study and the construction of objects and he has been general in the field of Industrial design in Greece since 1990. He has taken parts in international competitions, exhibiting household objects in which he had the study and production as a whole.