Vadym Solowski No Signal Poster
No Signal Poster is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
No Signal Poster

It is more than just a poster. It is a protest. Protest against the system in places, that are filled with (f)ear, full of control of private li(f)e. For example, in Russia "freedom of speech" means: you can say anything you want, but silently. "Private life" means: you can do whatever you want behind closed doors, but for you will spy. So this is not just the poster. It is call to fight for a world, where is No Signal for "Big Brother".

No Signal Poster
Vadym Solowski No Signal
Vadym Solowski Poster
Vadym Solowski design
Vadym Solowski design
Vadym Solowski

My name is Vadym (& this was not my choice:) and I am a nuclear power engineer who became an art director, designer, illustrator, artist and other words that should sound cool. My visual communication is based on a double meaning, symbolic and playful language. Most of my time I devote to illustration and print design (covers, posters, editorial design, etc.), but I am a conceptualist with strong lateral thinking, so I like to expand my horizons, create and oversee the execution of experimental ideas in different directions and forms. I have a wide range of interests, including neuroscience, installation art, theatre, physics, ambient advertising, cinematography, chess, architecture and others. (And if you know how to extend the life to have time to explore everything, give me a call!) As a person I value the most honesty (with the use of emotional intelligence) and kindness (especially at the level of Keanu Reeves). In addition, I follow the principle voiced by Anthony Burrill: 'Work hard and be nice to people'.