Maurel Frederic Symbiosys Universal cover
Symbiosys Universal cover is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Symbiosys Universal cover

Symbiosys, a functional, secure and pure design made with passion for the worldest addicts of the beautiful products for computers, tablets and smartphones. The simple design for a simple message, we like to give you a real pleasure to appréciate our brand and our innovative products ,,,, Every year, we suggest nice and practical devices,,, This year is "The" cover you must to have ! Symbiosis is made for your Mac Book ,,,!

Symbiosys Universal  cover
Maurel Frederic Symbiosys
Maurel Frederic Universal  cover
Maurel Frederic design
Maurel Frederic design

Blieta was created few years ago by a Fredaky's French designers team. The brand was registered all over the world and they start to sail some range of Blieta products in Usa and Europe,,,! The brand propose to a large people, the possibility to like the universal, magnetic, innovative and functional products destinated to satisfy the addicts of the worldest computers brands like Apple, Sony or Samsung etc...; The Fredaky chief designer in charge of this project would like to increase also,the creativity and the R/D department based in Canton ( China ) we're looking to find a new designers people to join the design HK and Canton offices. He would like to push to create more new designs in the future to become a larger and recognize brand designer for the computers and devices markets.