Sen Huang Wander Office Space
Wander Office Space is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Wander Office Space

The core design concept is to create a relaxed workspace for everyone to feel at ease. Even there is work tension, atomosphere is aimed to minimize such feeling. The design brings people closer than ever, encourage face-to-face communication and interaction, given the fact that in today's world, many communication is done virtually.

Wander Office Space
Sen Huang Wander
Sen Huang Office Space
Sen Huang design
Sen Huang design
Sen Huang

Sen Huang started his own interior design firm in early 2013. Throughout the years, he has not made any effort to promote himself because all his clients are referrals from other customers he serviced before. What made his so special is that every design he did is absolutely original and you will never find similarity among his designs.

SID Story

SID believes each space should be given a story, a story that is specially meaningful to our clients. We are to assist our clients to communicate their stories by designing the spaces with touches of their beautiful stories in mind. Clients’ stories are SID’s core inspiration to design spatial projects. Since each story is unique, no design SID presents is the same.