Chris Precht Rising Canes Architecture Modular
Rising Canes Architecture Modular is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Rising Canes Architecture Modular

We developed a structural system out of Bamboo. By adding and connecting new bamboo culms to the structure, it grows and becomes stronger to take on more loads of the building, leaves any harm on the site, nor on the material itself. Therefore the building and the way bamboo is used as a structure is very much involved in a life-cycle of plants. A true ecological approach of building, which leaves no harm to the surrounding environment and therefore a counter-movement to a conventional city plan

Rising Canes Architecture Modular
Chris Precht Rising Canes
Chris Precht Architecture Modular
Chris Precht design
Chris Precht design

Penda is a fresh and motivated team of international creatives based in Beijing and Vienna. In 2013, Chris Precht and Dayong Sun founded Penda in the belief that architecture can serve as a bridge connecting nature, culture and people to a higher standard of living. By drawing different perspectives from western and eastern history, Penda seeks the fundamentals in architecture and interprets them, integrating them into one cross-cultural design-language. Therefore, we are interested in the questions of how life has evolved throughout history, what has influenced this evolution, and how architecture can add our quality of life in the future. We love what we do, and are truly passionate about architecture & design, developing every project with uttermost dedication.