Timur Bozca Cauta High Performance World Cruiser
Cauta High Performance World Cruiser is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Cauta High Performance World Cruiser

Cauta, a 55-meter, high-performance world cruiser designed by Timur Bozca, is inspired by the elegant shape of the albatross. The look is curvy and sensual, with the great amount attention to detail invested in it visible throughout. Furthermore, the Elite Supernova Silver color on carbon fibre hull and superstructure underscores the ship’s futuristic ethos. Dynarig sailing system, Cauta has two self-standing and rotating masts which host ten sails. Touted as a new class of yacht, Cauta can cross the Atlantic in a very short time with guest enjoying some of the most luxurious quarters.

Cauta  High Performance World Cruiser
Timur Bozca Cauta
Timur Bozca High Performance World Cruiser
Timur Bozca design
Timur Bozca design
Timur Bozca Design

Timur Bozca is one of the most innovative designers of his generation who works at all scales and in all vehicle sectors. Bozca graduated from Coventry University (United Kingdom) with a degree in MDes Automotive & Transport Design (Masters level - 4 year course). During his final year at Coventry University, he went to Majenta Academy (United Kingdom) for 3 months to increase his digital modelling skills with A-class surface. Subsequently he continued his education at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) where he completed a Masters in Yacht Design. Creative, positive minded and very quick to assimilate new skills and ideas, he is very confident in using hand and digital modelling programs. He can achieve high quality results in a short time-frame. Bozca has a keen eye for detail and always aims for perfection. These skills have been developed through academic study and varied design commissions. He has completed a number of creative design projects both as part of his academic studies and during works, together with specific commissions that have required work both as part of a team and on individual initiative. All these various projects and experiences have allowed a greater width and depth of insight into the essence of the design process.