Dagmara Oliwa el ANIMALITO Chair
el ANIMALITO Chair is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture Design Award Category.

One day I started to look for answers to the question: How to design a chair that can meet the needs of individuals in a uniform modern world using a natural material such as wood? el ANIMALITO is just the answer. Its owner is personally involved in the creative process, deciding on the choice of materials, and thus manifesting it as they are. el ANIMALITO is a piece of furniture with character - it may be predatory and dignified, extravagant and expressive, quiet and subdued, crazy ... manifesting the nature of its owner. el ANIMALITO - a chair that can be tamed.

Dagmara Oliwa el ANIMALITO
Dagmara Oliwa Chair
Dagmara Oliwa design
Dagmara Oliwa design
Dagmara Oliwa

Architecture and design can, and even should, be a constant search for what is an expression of creativity that should evoke emotions and inspire us. Still in the way of creative exploration. Trying to stop the elusive designing items and human-friendly objects, poetic, subtle, sophisticated, inspiring emotions, not always obvious, avoiding banality and simplifications, but not forgetting the ergonomics and functionality. I draw poetics from the sources, nature-based organicity, and build on the achievements of modern technology and new materials, operating light, subtle forms, but not devoid of dynamics... Context is important, because my area of action is both architecture and design, their correlation, interaction... Both the inside and the outside are important. For the design environment is just as important as the architecture is for the design which fills it... Currently, I am experimenting with organic forms, which allow us to get closer to the natural world...

Forma Caprichosa

FORMA CAPRICHOSA has become a venue for dialogue between architects and artists. Hence, we have invited cooperation from those for whom construction is the basis of creation as well as those for whom this same basis is their unfettered imagination. The aim of the company is not only the designing of buildings and furniture, but also the promotion of art.