Anatoliy Omelchenko Retractable Lockable Dog Leash Dog Leash
Retractable Lockable Dog Leash Dog Leash is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Pet Care, Toys, Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Category.
Retractable Lockable Dog Leash Dog Leash

A retractable leash that comes in an ergonomic housing shaped like a carabiner, it gives you the freedom to safely and quickly secure your beloved pet while you run into a store, hug your honey or perform any task that requires two free hands. ClipDog’s innovative locking handle functions as a lock carabiner, which allows you to effortlessly handle-lock your pet(s) to any nearby pole, bike rack, fence, bench or other immovable object. With ClipDog, pet owners can enjoy the comfort of a retractable leash and run their short errands without worrying about their pet's security.

Retractable Lockable Dog Leash Dog Leash
Anatoliy Omelchenko Retractable Lockable Dog Leash
Anatoliy Omelchenko Dog Leash
Anatoliy Omelchenko design
Anatoliy Omelchenko design
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