Denis Orlenok Toybic Personalized RC car
Toybic Personalized RC car is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
Toybic Personalized RC car

Toybic is personalized RC toy car of the next generation that replaces old-fashioned approach "Bought, gave away and forgot" with "Let's design and play together!". It can be custom-designed via online app, 3D-printed at any location and provides user an opportunity to enjoy the interactivity of virtual games in a real world. Futuristic toy encourage users’ creativity to build new designs, share with other users, promote sustainability (old or broken parts can be simply re-printed), bring parents together with kids and provide learning of 3D modeling and printing.

Toybic Personalized RC car
Denis Orlenok Toybic
Denis Orlenok Personalized RC car
Denis Orlenok design
Denis Orlenok design
Denis Orlenok

For someone he is an artist, for someone he is an engineer, but he combines these two things in one – design. Passionate dreamer inspired by environment – people, architecture, sounds, products, music and art. Young designer that gets motivated of poor objects to solve problems and change life in the better comfortable and pleasant way as well as inspired by good products to create aesthetic and meaningful things. The main aim of everyday is to set unfeasible goals and implement them to reality.

KTU Design Centre

The main objective of KTU Design Centre – to develop and promote design as a universal discipline, to reveal its versatility, integrate in study programmes of KTU specialities and interdisciplinary practical project activities. Modern design is invoked in various areas of life, it can expeditiously offer most efficient solutions by including and assessing various economic, social, technological and psychological aspects. KTU Design Centre provides favourable conditions for creation and development of new products, preparation of versatile specialists, who are marketable in the labour market. KTU Design Centre contributes to KTU in the areas of creation and maintenance of open environment, which promotes creativity, active development of ecosystem and entrepreneurship. Today challenges of global and dynamic market are met and overcome most successfully by interdisciplinary cooperation. This approach is cultivated in strong KTU science platform, distinguished by its deep traditions, which recently provides particularly favourable conditions for successful and effective interdisciplinary cooperation. Vision – catalyser in the areas of design, and creative and cultural industries in Kaunas city. Values: creativity, harmony of design and technologies, sustainability.