E-graphics communications HHrley-Davidson Street 750 Mini-Pamphlet
HHrley-Davidson Street 750 Mini-Pamphlet is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
HHrley-Davidson Street 750 Mini-Pamphlet

・Harley-Davidson must establish a good relationship with the young adult segment, or males and females age 18-34 with low engagement with the Harley-Davidson brand, in order to gain market share into the future. ・The STREET 750 is a new model offering the riding experience unique to Harley-Davidson motorcyles in urban terrain as opposed to the open road. Its pricing is surprisingly low for the Harley-Davidson brand, under 900,000 JPY, which represents the company’s seriousness towards the young adult target segment.

HHrley-Davidson Street 750 Mini-Pamphlet
E-graphics communications HHrley-Davidson Street 750
E-graphics communications Mini-Pamphlet
E-graphics communications design
E-graphics communications design
E-graphics communications

Originally founded as Nippo in 1955, an advertising agency TBWA JAPAN merged with a creative/printing company E-GRAPHICS which has spun out from NISSAN MOTORS’ advertising division to create E-GRAPHICS COMMUNICATIONS. E-GRAPHICS COMMUNICATIONS is Full-service Advertising/Creative/Printing agency. Each part complementing each other with their experienced knowledge and skills to meet customers’ needs seamlessly from its planning to actual execution.

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