Francesco Dolce Woodie All-in-one Power Hub
Woodie All-in-one Power Hub is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture Design Award Category.
Woodie All-in-one Power Hub

Woodie is a power hub, which balances technology and design. It is an attempt to provide an improved functionality over the traditional power strips and its frames are made of Wood, Marble or Concrete, to complement any environment, or interior design. It has a square base of 135mm with a fillet radius of 27mm, an height of 36mm and a truncated conical base of 6 mm which gives it lightness on its support. The power sockets are designed for 150+ types of plugs and the logo serves as idicator for the wireless charging coil. Together this provides Woodie with a natural look.

Woodie All-in-one Power Hub
Francesco Dolce Woodie
Francesco Dolce All-in-one Power Hub
Francesco Dolce design
Francesco Dolce design
Woodie Milano

Based in Milano, the city known for design and fashion, Woodie Milano is a consumer technology company whose mission is the marriage of design and technology. Beautiful materials and effortless technology in one. Woodie blends Italian style, the finest materials and cutting edge technology to build real world products that are elegant, effortless and extraordinarily useful. Woodie Milano brings technology and beauty together in a way that challenges the status quo and embraces the bold.