Yazan Hijazin Trio Bench Multifunctional Bench
Trio Bench Multifunctional Bench is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture Design Award Category.
Trio Bench Multifunctional Bench

Trio Bench is a geometrical bench made of walnut wood, fabric, and leather that seats up to 4 persons. However, by adjusting 2 upholstered pieces of the original structure, and unfolding its headrest, the user creates 2 new full-body reclining positions with utmost comfort. It was created for a private residence with a limited space. Hence it functions as sofa and it offers a Chez-lounge experience at the same time. The design slickly sharpen from both ends to create a more pleasant aesthetics. Trio Bench is 2.6 meter long, 0.80 meter width and 0.43 meter hight.

Trio Bench Multifunctional Bench
Yazan Hijazin Trio Bench
Yazan Hijazin Multifunctional Bench
Yazan Hijazin design
Yazan Hijazin design

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