Praxis d'Architecture Spring Art Museum Exhibition
Spring Art Museum Exhibition is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Spring Art Museum Exhibition

The museum is intended to be a platform to promote young artists. In the design we sought a piece of architecture that is open, culturally rooted and arouses a feeling of sublimity. The building was resolved into a U shape that recalls traditional triple house courtyard familiar to the local people. The courtyard faces a road and provides entries to the main exhibition spaces. There is an uninterrupted path from the road all the way to the roof with staggered terraces, which facilitates outdoor art display, draws activities in and blurs boundary between the roof and the facade.

Spring Art Museum Exhibition
Praxis d'Architecture Spring Art Museum
Praxis d'Architecture Exhibition
Praxis d'Architecture design
Praxis d'Architecture design
Praxis d'Architecture

Shaohua Di founded Praxis d’Architecture ( in 2009. She graduated from Tianjin University in 1995 with a B.Arch and Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a professional degree of M.Arch and a post professional degree of S.March.S. in Urbanism. In 2003 she received Frances Ward Chandler Prize from MIT.   She worked for Perkins+Will and Qianmen 23 renovation project in Beijing before establishing Praxis d’Architecture. She is guest critic in architecture department in Central Academy of Art in Beijing.  In 2014 Beijing international design week, her work was exhibited with 751DLab, and was shortlisted for Fall 2014 China Poly auction. In the same year she was picked by UED magazine as one of the prominent young Chinese architects. Praxis d'Architecture's work has been widely published internationally by media such as Dezeen, Frame, Archdaily, Divisare, Detail, etc. Praxis d' Architecture is a team filled with passion and believes in the importance of architecture, as a profession, its ability to transform our living environment into a better world. Through great endeavor in implementing each idea into reality, the team seeks architecture resolution and experiences where one would calm down and feel comfortable, allowing a moment of self reflection.

Private Client

The clients for this museum were from local who are enthusiastic about contemporary art.