George R. Homer Jr. PontofrioPremium Flagship Retail Store
PontofrioPremium Flagship Retail Store is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
PontofrioPremium Flagship Retail Store

GH & ASSOCIADOS developed for Ponto Frio, the largest Brazilian electronics' retailer a new premium concept ’ store. The store welcomes the luxury market consumer, and displays technological upgrades for the continuing evolution in people's lives. Consumers can see what lies ahead thus minimizing the barriers of the new digital dialog. It is a sophisticated, cozy, integrated, and modern environment where consumers create stories, share and enjoy great experience through aromas and sounds, products and service. Fine materials and finishes create a wonderful and engadging

PontofrioPremium Flagship Retail Store
George R. Homer Jr. PontofrioPremium
George R. Homer Jr. Flagship Retail Store
George R. Homer Jr. design
George R. Homer Jr. design
George R. Homer Jr.

George Homer is a Designer, Dreamer and Creative Professional, dedicated to elevate retail through design that brings to market wonderful experiences. He enriches peoples' lives by sharing what he has learned and lived all his life. Always learning so he can continue sharing experiences. George has a wonderful team that been together for many years producing fantastic projects. He has the ability to bring together talent and guide them to excellence. George has trained Mauricio Mimoto, Ana Paula Silva Mendes, Renata Petracco Barra and many other along with his clients who go on to be excellent professionals.

Ponto Frio

Ponto Frio Frio was founded in 1946 in Rio de Janeiro. Since then it has been through several management changes and today is part of the GPA Group that is also part of the French retailer Casino. It is the biggest Brazilian retailer of this category in the country. They have been providing electronics and furniture products during several generations making it a specially loved brand by the consumers. Today the company is strengthening the brand through innovation without loosing the trust acquired throughout years of relationship with their client base. In their quest for maintaining relevance and elevate customers’ shopping experience the strategy is to be recognized and associated with technology to improve people’s lives.