Zhang Yahan A-circle Life Buoy
A-circle Life Buoy is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award Category.
A-circle Life Buoy

When shipwreck happens, people have to abandon ship for survival and the cold seawater is always the No.1 killer of causing death. In this case, maintaining the body temperature of drowning people is the principle problem to be solved. Two-layer thermal insulation materials can isolate seawater effectively, prevent hypothermia and cut off harmful pollutants over the sea. This type of life buoy isolates wounds to prevent sharks attacks. In addition, it is equipped with GPS and the luminous device that are helpful to find victims quickly and precisely to ensure rescue in the shortest time.

A-circle Life Buoy
Zhang Yahan A-circle
Zhang Yahan Life Buoy
Zhang Yahan design
Zhang Yahan design
Zhang Yahan

They are the Design Team from Industrial Design Academy of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, made up with experienced professors and apprentices with innovation and vitality, combine the design and practice, and concentrate to the innovated design and research of public facilities product, with the purpose for meeting the requirement of people’s normal life in public places and easier behavior , to improve the quality of normal life and work efficiency, even to guarantee people’s security.

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