João Faria Emotional Object #010 Roots Coffee table
Emotional Object #010 Roots Coffee table is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture Design Award Category.
Emotional Object #010 Roots Coffee table

Roots is not just a coffee table. It's a piece of nature brought in to the living room. A work of craftsmanship, made by 3rd generation woodworkers who put their long knowledge into this piece. This table re-interprets, in a contemporary design, the roots of the ceiba tree, found in Havana, source of it's inspiration. A line that revolves around a volume intercepting with another surface to make a table. Because nature is the oldest inspiration, this design takes it just a little bit further...

Emotional Object #010 Roots Coffee table
João Faria Emotional Object #010 Roots
João Faria Coffee table
João Faria design
João Faria design
João Faria

João Faria is an architect from Northern Portugal. After an 18 year activity in architecture and teaching, he has devoted his time to designing objects that really meant something for him. Emotional Objects is born from this passion. He designs objects for his needs and hopes that someone else likes it too. Objects are created from this need and then, the design is taken to its limits, without compromises. João makes its own prototypes and tests its ideas and solution like a sculptor. After testing one or several solutions, its time to choose the best artisans to make it feasible. Manufacturing it's always very limited, mostly due to the design characteristics. First of all, its a labour of love.

Emotional Objects

“Emotional Objects” is a new brand of decorative objects, born by the hand of an architect, which had its world debut at Maison & Objet Paris, on January 2016. After nearly twenty years of work in the field, in 2012 João Faria created the "Emotional Objects" concept as a way to produce and market his own objects. This brand, composed of different pieces from butter dishes to office furniture or Bluetooth speakers, will produce only 99 objects. Then the project will be finished. With an important component of craftsmanship, the twenty-six objects developed until now take design to its limits, with no compromises and a great attention to detail. The author´s intention is to make objects that connect to people, create a relationship with their owners and provoke an emotional response.