Sarah Yan Exploring in Classic Guild Hall
Exploring in Classic Guild Hall is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Exploring in Classic Guild Hall

The designer also investigates the classical aesthetics and modern translation; every corner and object in the building seem to dye and response to other’s aesthetic history. The vision in space is plentiful in layers, in which gold, black and off-white are used to demonstrate modern magnificence. The aesthetic standards are dependent on changes of cultures. However, the spirit of aesthetics is immortal, which reveals delicacy under the heavy framework.

Exploring in Classic Guild Hall
Sarah Yan Exploring in Classic
Sarah Yan Guild Hall
Sarah Yan design
Sarah Yan design
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YZ Environment has been established since 2005, and the founder Mrs. Yan Jheng has been awarded in many years "The Best Interior Designer" and the highest honor in national design competition. The main business of this company is interior design for noble hotels, clubs, villas, model houses, business centers, grade-a office buildings, theaters, hospitals, etc. The landscape design, construction project, and soft loading displays are part of the business as well. The team members, who love design and pursue perfection, in the company achieve self-fulfillment when putting clients' value into practice, providing trust-worthy professional services, adhering to team's principle of "delicacy", and enhancing professional skills.