Lissa Koo Ready for Santorini Fashion Design
Ready for Santorini Fashion Design is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Ready for Santorini Fashion Design

With a work that looked very challenging, Designer, Lissa Yeon Yi Koo tried to make this collection fun by using fabrics of both neoprene and laces. As she claims, the neoprene made the design sporty. And the lace, which made it extremely feminine. By combining a few different feelings in a single work, this dress expresses a class of elegance and sportiness while not one overbearing another.

Ready for Santorini Fashion Design
Lissa Koo Ready for Santorini
Lissa Koo Fashion Design
Lissa Koo design
Lissa Koo design
Lissa Koo

Lissa Koo, a creative designer with overflowing credentials from both S. Korea and New York. During her earlier years, she studied textile and clothing at one of the most prestigious universities in Korea. After completing her undergraduate studies, Lissa has successfully ran her own concept store, York Avenue, in the busiest streets of fashion in S. Korea. To enhance her knowledge in the fashion industry, she came to New York to further her studies in fashion design at The New School (Parsons). Not to mention, during her studies in Parsons, Lissa was a intern at globally recognized companies like Etro and Zimba Collections. With the confidence of being one of the top designers in this industry, Lissa has created her own brand, 'saku'. With her experience in both S. Korea and New York, she shows strong attributes of the market worldwide.


Saku New York is a new clothing brand for women by Lisa Koo. Running a fashion concept store since 2007, Lisa has built an extraordinary sense of style; as Saku’s chief designer, Lisa introduces a new line of contemporary woman’s apparel reflecting her unique senses and experience. The motif for Saku New York is both the chic New York sense and the easy, breezy West Coast atmosphere. While being a unique, never-seen-before style, Saku New York offers clothes that are ready-to-wear and easily approachable by any one. In addition, pursuing both sportiness and femininity at the same time, Saku New York showcases silhouette apparel that greatly emphasizes woman’s beauty along with comfortable fabrics that allow easy movement.