Max Bessone Breaking time Spatial design and communication
Breaking time Spatial design and communication is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Breaking time Spatial design and communication

See the world through different eyes and explore what could be, as opposed to what it is. Starting from this concept, Max transformed the monotone lounge in his house, into a sanctuary cave to escape the busyness of time. He designed a wallpaper of a bird on a branch, a metaphor of time flying. The bird signifies time which flies. Below the text 'time' is rhythmically broken to show that by entering this room, one breaks time and it's existence. He also built a wooden geometric structure to hang from the ceiling, representing the cave with a choice of lights to enable a choice of moods.

Breaking time Spatial design and communication
Max Bessone Breaking time
Max Bessone Spatial design and communication
Max Bessone design
Max Bessone design
Max Bessone

Max is just someone in love with life who has developed the ability to successfully translate desired moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas, into products. He's helping organisations to find creative and engaging solutions, emphasising design that truly matter to people. Educating the community on design as a human-centered mission, to create memorable user experiences.

Max Bessone

Max is a creative & conceptual thinker with 14 years of experience between Italy, Australia and New Zealand. He works extensively on branding, advertising, print materials, campaigns, POS but most of his experience has been developed on UX & UI. Max has worked with Pacific companies such as ASB, ANZ, Kiwi Bank, Turism NZ, Rio Tinto and european brands as Ferrero, KTM, SANTERO, Baci & Abbracci, Yamaha, Lavazza. He is driven by a child-like fascination with life and his unrelenting desire to understand “why?”. He enjoys strategy, loves a challenge and pushes the boundaries over the limit. Idea conception is his passion and presenting is his payoff. He’s different, intrigued at all times, quirky, very approachable and he will turn the office into his playground!