Mostafa Arvand Adina Virtual Make up
Adina Virtual Make up is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interface, Interaction and User Experience Design Award Category.
Adina Virtual Make up

Virtual makeup products using image processing technology and augmented reality. Before any actual makeup, which is on the front of the ADINA, you can simulate the model makeup on your face and then proceeded to make you see. Along with changing images and motion images make for a very good and fast run-time processing is possible. Other unique features make the device perfect for lips, lip liner, eye shadow and brow as a whole and in details.

Adina Virtual Make up
Mostafa Arvand Adina
Mostafa Arvand Virtual Make up
Mostafa Arvand design
Mostafa Arvand design
Mostafa Arvand

I am Babak Aghaei, and I have been in daily close contact with Mr. Mostafa Arvandbarmchi for more than 4 years. As I have found in my working career, few people get distinguished for their superior quality services and Mr. Arvandbaramchi is by all means one of them. He is quite famous in the GROUP for his personal quality services; among them I can mention extraordinary technical capabilities, excellent intelligence, very high work ethics, positive attitude and distinguished teamwork mentality, superior leadership, diligence, etc.


Smart meshing with the aim of consulting and implementation of augmented reality software solutions and IT professional services was established. Along with the rapid growth of technology and the need to use new methodologies in recent years, the group decided to take new approaches, particularly in the context of intelligent systems and services have a combination like Vaqbt added. The new look is holding company overseeing work on specialty and subspecialty groups specialized in different contexts (specific and integrated services in the field of Software and Intelligent Systems) acts. This mechanism is based on the potential of the group of experts and scholars are possible. Through our solutions in ICT productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and commercialization of new, improved and integrated technology satisfaction, and a sense of creativity and differences brings to our customers. Growth and stability based on honesty, quality and continuous innovation is possible.