Pei Hau Huang Simple Life Residential Interior
Simple Life Residential Interior is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Simple Life Residential Interior

By taking away redundant interior designs in this space, I achieved the goal of “adding by subtracting” and considered the tonality of each space from lifestyle perspectives. For the conversion between the sitting rooms and bedrooms, public and personal spaces, the features of the owner themselves are the key elements to allow this flourishing space to create a comprehensive story by being individually independent and closely connected at the same time.

Simple Life Residential Interior
Pei Hau Huang Simple Life
Pei Hau Huang Residential Interior
Pei Hau Huang design
Pei Hau Huang design
Jia Jia Studio

All design elements and materials are just like more natural ingredients as more delicious. To reduce the processing are also more friendly to the earth and human. We focus more on comforts of home and products. The so-called " form follows function ", less is more. Each of us is expert in using all the characteristics of the material itself to make use of space that everyone can enjoy every space to bring their different feelings, Catch all the price value.