Chih-Kang Chu Fangsuo Bookstore
Fangsuo Bookstore is Platinum Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Fangsuo Bookstore

Concrete columns with large cutting surfaces, bookcases in the loft, the air bridge and catwalk across the bookcases, and the elements of vast cosmos, Fangsuo Bookstore represented the image of “Secrete Scripture Library”. It seems all the knowledge in the world are stored in the bookstore and waiting to be discovered. Within the bookstore people can always find spaces to nuzzle down and read a book, which represent the lifestyle of Sichuan people.

Fangsuo Bookstore
Chih-Kang Chu Fangsuo
Chih-Kang Chu Bookstore
Chih-Kang Chu design
Chih-Kang Chu design
Chih-Kang Chu

Chu comes from Taiwan and has been exposed to rich culture since his childhood. Chinese cultural elements, which are not superficial but with deep cultural connotation, could always be found in his design. Combined with his keen observation of scenario, his works could always awaken those emotions in people’s memories. That is why his works could touch readers’ heart. His works touch not only Chinese who have shared cultural memories, but also westerners. “In Chu’s works, we see new modern eastern design” said such westerners.

Fangsuo Culture Development Co., Ltd.

In the past decades, brick-and mortar bookstores were impacted by e-books and on-line-shopping. It was bold for Fangsuo to open a big bookstore last year. But Fangsuo Bookstore doesn’t only sell books, the strategy is to attract people to walk in the store by holding events related with lifestyle and culture, and selling fashion and design products, and of course, coffee! More people walk in, more chances to sell books.