Jonathan Rasmussen PeeFence Flexible Urinal
PeeFence Flexible Urinal is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Social Design Award Category.
PeeFence Flexible Urinal

Every year festivals and outdoor events alike are plagued by the intense stench that visitors leave behind when they pass water in the fence as a consequence of lacking toilet facilities. PeeFence is a flexible urinal which is easily set up in great quantities. It consists of a 1 mm tough and lightweight plastic membrane which is foldable for efficient storage and effortless setup. PeeFence is folded on site to establish the trough where the urine can flow and then mounted on fence by only four plastic strips. With PeeFence, it has never been easier to implement sanitation at outdoor events!

PeeFence Flexible Urinal
Jonathan Rasmussen PeeFence
Jonathan Rasmussen Flexible Urinal
Jonathan Rasmussen design
Jonathan Rasmussen design