József Gergely Kiss Pulse Pavilion Interactive installation
Pulse Pavilion Interactive installation is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Pulse Pavilion Interactive installation

The Pulse Pavilion is an interactive installation that unites light, colours, movement and sound in a multisensory experience. On the outside it is a simple black box, but stepping in, one is immersed in the illusion that the led lights, pulsing sound and vibrant graphics create together. The colourful exhibition identity is created in the spirit of the pavilion, using the graphics from the inside of the pavilion and a custom designed font.

Pulse Pavilion Interactive installation
József Gergely Kiss Pulse Pavilion
József Gergely Kiss Interactive installation
József Gergely Kiss design
József Gergely Kiss design
József Gergely Kiss

An experienced freelance graphic designer from Hungary, Ma graduate from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Studied as erasmus student in Helsinki at Aalto University in 2013 and fall in love with the design scene and culture of the city. Also known as KJG design, he has participated and won in several design competitions.

KJG Design

Kjg Design is a 2 person studio, founded in Budapest, Hungary, recently relocated to Helsinki. We create brands and stories for emerging buisnesess. We like to combine branding, packaging, layout and web design with illustration, 3D modeling, sound and motion.