Ahead Concept Design Harmony Private Residence
Harmony Private Residence is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Harmony Private Residence

Expensive materials are superficial without the proper design. The smell, interactions with light and temperature, and the feel of delicate textures are all incorporated into designs to make the users of a space feel comfortable and wealthy in their hearts and in their life. It is deeply believed that the concept of home is both the origin and the endpoint of life’s pursuit. That constant waiting to go home is how a comfortable space will make you feel.

Harmony Private Residence
Ahead Concept Design Harmony
Ahead Concept Design Private Residence
Ahead Concept Design design
Ahead Concept Design design
Ahead Concept Design

Aesthetics of Appearance and Essence Appearance and essence are the two elements with constituting value combined together to form a mutual relationship through space and design. To explore the profound meaning of appearance and essence, and use the pen of design to depict the characteristics of the space and give unique life to the space, feeling, and increasing the mood as time goes on, this is the “aesthetics of appearance and essence”. Ahead Design pursues the subtlest resonance between appearance and essence. Except for stunning the eye, a space with spirit can extend a lingering charm with particular character.