Gerardo Ríos Altamirano Geometric Lounge Chair/Dining Chair
Geometric Lounge Chair/Dining Chair is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture Design Award Category.
Geometric Lounge Chair/Dining Chair

This collection has a modernist zeal and a retro timeless touch, ideal for modern interior environments. The structure of the chair is both simple and edgy, relying solely on three axes, giving it a visual lightness. The tilting on the pieces provide a soft air of modernity and dynamism unique to this collection. Inspired by the geometric structures of the industrial era (late nineteenth century), is mixed with the silhouettes and the spirit of the 60's.

Geometric Lounge Chair/Dining Chair
Gerardo Ríos Altamirano Geometric
Gerardo Ríos Altamirano Lounge Chair/Dining Chair
Gerardo Ríos Altamirano design
Gerardo Ríos Altamirano design
Gerardo Ríos Altamirano

Gerardo Ríos's artistry and craftsmanship is a symbiotic reflection of what he believes in and often finds inspiration on “the daring romance and adventures that we find in people, history and our natural environment”. Ríos’ artistic spirit is inherited from a lineage of artists dating back to his great-great grandfather, the world-renowned painter José MarÍa Velasco. Each piece of furniture, whether it is a chair, a divan, or a chaise lounge, should create a sense of harmony and provoke a sensual response with the person who experiences it. For Gerardo Ríos, It is the need to communicate and the possibility of astonishment that defines the word “Design”.

G. Rios Furniture & Design

G.Rios is a design furniture brand dedicated to produce unique, stylish, art quality furniture that comes to life from the sometimes urgent need to express his creator's and sole designer's desires, inspirations and love of all things beautiful. Art crafted one by one, mostly by hand focused in an art approach of sensual interactivity with the expectator / user. Created to be luxurious unique pieces of design, their target market is mainly art collectors and people that apreciate and can afford a unique piece of art for a rich senseful space at home or office.