Rui Zhao Life Master Furniture Showroom
Life Master Furniture Showroom is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Life Master Furniture Showroom

Life Master is a relatively special exhibition space design case,its particularity is that designer needs to create a space atmosphere which can at the same time carry the brand furniture with extremely differences,designers tries to further extend and deepen in accordance with the present way of life by reconstructing furniture and circumstance setting in interior.

Life Master Furniture Showroom
Rui Zhao Life Master
Rui Zhao Furniture Showroom
Rui Zhao design
Rui Zhao design
Rui Zhao

RuiZhao,the CEO of  V2 Design Decoration En gineering Co.,Ltd,chief designer. In 1994,he begin to work in the field of  architecture and interior design and work in  beijing in 1995 .set up beijing zhengzhong   Architectural Design Decoration Engineering  Co.Ltd,which is established in 2008 ,he purchase zhongxin  Architectural Design  Decoration Engineering Co.Ltd,which was change d to Dalian WeiTu Architectural Design  Dec oration Engineering Co. Ltd till  now.project including china big Architectural Engineering,hotels,public residence ,private club,villa,factory,exhibition hall and office  and so on . and he also work in the fiel d of art painting, furniture ,lighting products.

V2 Design Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd

V2 Design Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd is set up by  ZhongXin Architectural Design  Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd,which is established in  1987,and Beijing ZhengZhong JianYi Architectural Decoration Design Co.Ltd,which is established in 2001,with the implementatio n of reorganization of assets and rename.It has A construction qualification and level A architectural decor ation engineering contractor qualification  issued by the nati onal department  in charge of construction. We advocate giving more attention on the es sence of space, whichwe design according to covers the Architectural planning  design,space design and industrial product  design, we will strive to get the floor in  the daily life of nutrients to the difference, finally buil d  ideal life  for people. In the course of social development latitude  map and self  development, take the customer as the basis,  for the development of philosophy, for the  purpose of service, integrity,  quality, innovation and development, is the  concept of the  development of WeiTu.