Miguel Pinto Félix Oli Olive Bowl
Oli Olive Bowl is Platinum Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Oli Olive Bowl

OLI, a visually minimalist object, was conceived based on its function, the idea of hiding the pits arising from a specific need. It followed observations of various situations, the ugliness of the pits and the need to enhance the beauty of the olive. As a dual-purpose packaging, Oli was created so that once opened it would emphasize the surprise factor. The designer was inspired by the shape of the olive and its simplicity. The choice of porcelain has to do with the value of the material itself and its usability.

Oli Olive Bowl
Miguel Pinto Félix Oli
Miguel Pinto Félix Olive Bowl
Miguel Pinto Félix design
Miguel Pinto Félix design
Miguel Pinto Félix

As art director of the studio MPFX design, which is the abreviation of the name of the designer, Miguel Pinto Felix. A design studio and workshop located in Porto since 1994; develops brands, product packaging and design providing pratical and digital suport relating to their distribution and promotion. The colaboration in partnership with different specialist fields results in the guaranteed quality and consistency of each project.


MPFXdesign, an acronym of the name of designer Miguel Pinto Félix, is a communication design studio based in Porto since 1994.  We develop branding, packaging and product design projects and produce all physical and digital supports needed for brand dissemination and promotion. We operate in partnership with different specialities to ensure the consistency and feasibility of each project. The brands PLATU, OLI and MARY IDEAS were conceived, produced and commercialised by the studio, as product design and packaging projects under the MPFXdesign mark.