Team Panda Panda Animation Video
Panda Animation Video is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Movie and Animation Design Award Category.
Panda Animation Video

Nischay Parekh, along with Jivraj Singh, explores sonical soundscapes often not familiar with singer-songwriters, if you must categorise him, but is hook friendly at its core, like any good song. A comforting voice, a great melody and interesting electronics make a great combo. With the song Panda, the filmmakers have hoped to recreate the emotions and visuals in one’s mind upon listening to the song. Shot in a single frame, in a single cut, the video uses live animation - created from static illustrations, often abstract and often literal to the lyrical and songwriting process of the song.

Panda  Animation Video
Team Panda Panda
Team Panda Animation Video
Team Panda design
Team Panda design