Juliana Pippi 5xSao Paulo Interior Design
5xSao Paulo Interior Design is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
5xSao Paulo Interior Design

The 5xSao Paulo loft project which features an urban style that incorporates industrial elements was born in an old abandoned factory. The architect interpreted the ideas of metropolis residents and their stories into colors and textures. The project also integrated many works of Brazilian art. The 130 m2 space of the loft is divided into five rooms: kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom. While the gray tones give the project an industrial look, wooden elements and decoration bring warmth to the project.

5xSao Paulo Interior Design
Juliana Pippi 5xSao Paulo
Juliana Pippi Interior Design
Juliana Pippi design
Juliana Pippi design
Juliana Pippi

I am a person passionate about art, music, design and architecture. They say or very curious and that's why I travel so much. I am a researcher trends, new cultures and behaviors. I love colors and appreciate the craftsmanship of each people I know.

Juliana Pippi Arquitetura e Design

Since 2000, Juliana Pippi, Florianópolis, has become a distinct name in the national interior design market, coordinating a team of seven professionals.The architect has gained several relevant titles in the profession. For three consecutive years won a place among the most active professionals from all over Brazil, she was in the top 100 of Kaza Magazine Award 5 times, 9 years in a row received awards for Santa Catarina Center Decoration (NCD) and this year received the top prize.She has participated in several decorating shows and since 2008 has signed more than 15 business contracts. From a jury composed of journalists from the profession and the public, Pipi received two awards for the Best Project for the Room Husband Gourmet, Casa Cor Santa Catarina in 2013, which was visited by over 2000 people.She is constantly on the move, traveling, researching and updating the search for new technologies.This year, she won the International Property Award, American Best Project with Juliana Pippi's Office. The architect maintains her line of work by being distinctly recognized by her high performance and range of capabilities, her creative use of colors and the ability to combine various materials and different textures. Currently Pipi is signing projects in many capitals of Brazil and is increasingly focused on serving foreign investors.