Taiju Yamashita Draft Tokyo Office
Draft Tokyo Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Draft Tokyo Office

This office space was designed to encourage effective communication and collaboration among workers by embracing the idea of open floor plan. However, at the same time, adopting the traditional cubicle layout to provide a sense of privacy. To realize both open atmosphere and private space, cubicles were installed two stairs lowers than the hallway so that the partition does not disturb communication between workers while giving a sense of privacy.

Draft Tokyo Office
Taiju Yamashita Draft Tokyo
Taiju Yamashita Office
Taiju Yamashita design
Taiju Yamashita design
Taiju Yamashita

As a specialized group with strengths of design and realization capabilities, we provide comprehensive designs related to space creation such as interior, product, architectural design, etc. We identify the issues faced by operations from a creative point of view and create designs that will become the norms of the future. We are aiming for the circulation of happiness to the whole world through design.


DRAFT Inc. is a Tokyo-based interior design firm founded by Taiju Yamashita in 2008. We specialize in the interior design of office, as well as restaurant and commercial space. We aim to create “cycle of happiness” by our design with everyone who visits the space because we believe good design delivers greater creativity and productivity to human and organization. No matter what type of projects, workspace and community, big and small, classic and modern, our focus is always on “how to design more effective space where foster creativity and promote corporate purpose, value, and vision with limited space and budget.” In 2013, DRAFT opened two new offices in Shanghai (China) and Cebu (Philippines). We have been serving the community by embracing the mixed idea of local culture and latest trends from Tokyo