Elliot Chaves Charax Snowboard
Charax Snowboard is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Sporting Goods, Fitness and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Charax Snowboard

Coming from an apparel design background, the inspiration of the snowboard's physical features and dimensional design are shown by the thorax of the butterfly popping out of the surface. Such design is done without compromising the board's performance. His main goal when completing this board was to have it be one single design object. The next feat to tackle is the direction of production and materials to manufacture this additional layer.

Charax Snowboard
Elliot Chaves Charax
Elliot Chaves Snowboard
Elliot Chaves design
Elliot Chaves design
Elliot Chaves

Elliot specializes in material and product design and development. Every designer is unique in their own way and brings something new to the world. Elliot brings his ideation and ability to mold his perception with target markets and future trends together allowing the audience/customers to fully relate to whatever was created.


Alenidasdi is my design alias to which I specialize in material and product design and development. This board is under the umbrella of my first project within the "Alenidasdi" alias and there will be many more designs to come in the future. I do not have a client list yet. I am simply trying to build a diverse portfolio to get exposure in hopes of a solid design firm embracing my creative thinking enough to want to work with me.