Sara Valleriani Memory Route Multimedia Platform
Memory Route Multimedia Platform is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interface, Interaction and User Experience Design Award Category.
Memory Route Multimedia Platform

Memory Route is a digital platform where is possible to upload multimedia files about a specified place of which you want to share a memory or a small thought and, at the same time, to browse through the memories uploaded by other users. In this way the city becomes a virtual map of the memories and emotions shared by the people that lived the city. The project stems from the investigation of what makes a place more special than another, and the final answer was the memory linked to it.

Memory Route Multimedia Platform
Sara Valleriani Memory Route
Sara Valleriani Multimedia Platform
Sara Valleriani design
Sara Valleriani design
Sara Valleriani

System design, interaction design, metaprogettazione, product design, design of the environments, systems analysis, compiuter 3D graphics, materials and innovative tecnolagie, visual communication of the project, architecture, fashion design, multimedia design, photography, technical legislation, organization and marcheting , painting, artistic anatomy, art history, engraving techniques, design, restoration, painting techniques, sculpture techniques, mathematics, systemic, aesthetics, semiotics partner. 

Isia Roma

The ISIA of Rome, born in 1973 as historical experimental design school of the state, since many years has set up a careful rework of the conceptual paradigms of the design, arriving to the definition, in the second graduate level, of "Design of the Systems". This definition wants to deepen the sense of a constellation of meanings around the new geography of knowledge, technologies and creativity, in the contemporary society, the design attempts in particular way to the relational and systemic aspects in the human landscape, both material and immaterial. Systems Design sees forward the statements of the Sciences of the Complexity, the elaborations of the not linear thinking, and observes with much interest the principle of autopoiesis, of autorganization, facing the characteristics of emergence in a system. In such sense, our engagement is to carry a disciplinary contribution to these theories being part of a patrimony of experiences consolidated in the area of the product, the morphogenesis and above all of the Metadesign that in it lives very many years, being able to use the stimulating contribution mathematics and systemic courses of high profile.