Younes Daneshvar inCare Hospital Critical Bed
inCare Hospital Critical Bed is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
inCare Hospital Critical Bed

inCare accelerates the acute care provided for patients in urgent situations by enhancing the interaction of bed controllers. It also improves nursing ergonomics since all parts have been designed with a focus on natural postures while moving, rotating, locking and unlocking headboards and sidebed guards. This will reduce physical injuries to nurses’ bodies and prevent back-pain, shoulder, and hand syndromes caused due to repetitive and high pressure tasks. Furthermore, the sidebed guards and adjustment handles will appease the patients by facilitating their moves and opening up their sights.

inCare Hospital Critical Bed
Younes Daneshvar inCare
Younes Daneshvar Hospital Critical Bed
Younes Daneshvar design
Younes Daneshvar design
Sina Hamd Aria

Sina Hamd Aria was established as a family business in 1971 in Tabriz, Iran and produces Hospital Furniture, Hospital Bed, Lay Flat Recliner, Overbed Table, Bedside Cabinet, and Stretcher. This Company holds EN 60601-2-38 , EN 980, EN 60601-1 standards.