Vetor Zero / Lobo Brincante Title Sequence
Brincante Title Sequence is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
Brincante Title Sequence

Created exclusively in stop motion animation, with an art direction and production at the same time richly detailed and artisanal, inspired by Brazilian popular handicraft.The title sequence script recaps the main character’s journey through the Brazilian countryside, across different regions and landscapes. The whole voyage is deliberately shown as taking place within a single stage-like structure, with changes of scenery carried out through ingenious mechanical tricks that echo the theatrical essence of the full-length film’s narrative structure, which was based on two of Nóbrega’s plays.

Brincante Title Sequence
Vetor Zero / Lobo Brincante
Vetor Zero / Lobo Title Sequence
Vetor Zero / Lobo design
Vetor Zero / Lobo

As a pioneer studio of 3D animation in Brazil, Vetor Zero has been producing animated content for advertising agencies and clients of various countries for more than two decades. In partnership with Lobo studio, it is managed by producers, directors and designers Sergio Salles, Alceu Baptistão, Alberto Lopes, Nando Cohen, Mateus de Paula Santos and Gabriel Nobrega. With the teamwork of its diverse individuals, Vetor Zero is characterized by its innovative platforms and emerging techniques to produce compelling images for 2D and 3D animation, stop motion, motion graphics, design, live action, illustrations and online content.

Gullane Films

Founded in 1996, Gullane creates content for cinema and TV and actively participates in expanding Brazil’s audiovisual market. The company’s productions have gained increasing recognition from both critics and public alike. The technical and artistic quality in all Gullane’s productions has become a reference standard, guaranteeing the company a respected place in the cinematographic market. Gullane’s dedication to its productions is equally visible in the stages of releasing their films in festivals or on commercial circuits. This commitment has allowed the company to accumulate over 100 awards over the years, besides guaranteeing its films in the official selections of the more important film festivals in the world, such as Cannes, Venice and Berlin. Besides its productions, Gullane augments its portfolio with projects developed in conjunction with important associates in Brazil and abroad, with production fund’s raising, the sale of Brazilian films in the international market and the filming of international co-productions. These activities are reflected in the broad dissemination of their films and in the network of national and international talents. Owing to its corporate profile, its tested creativity and its expressive volume of audiovisual realizations, Gullane is today one of the main production houses of content in Brazil.